What is Easy English?

Easy English (also known as Easy Read) is a style of writing aimed at people with very low literacy.  It makes concepts and key messages easier to read and understand.


Easy English is useful for communicating with people who have


●      English as a second language

●      poor educational outcomes

●      an acquired disability, such as stroke or ABI

●      an intellectual disability

●      a learning disability.


It can also be useful for older people.

The Easy English format

Easy English presents key messages, rather than all the detail.  Images are used alongside messages to assist the reader with comprehension. In a nutshell, Easy English involves:


      simplified language and grammar – clear words

      minimal punctuation

      headings and subheadings to break up information

      large and simple font (at least 14pt)

      lots of white space 

      images to the left of key messages and headings.