Clear Words

Did you know that 44% of Australian adults have low literacy?  


As a business your information needs to be easy to read, otherwise your message can be lost.


Clear Words are experts in making information clear and simple so more people can read and understand it.  We help businesses tell people what they need to know in the simplest way possible.



What we do

Plain English

Plain English gets your message across quickly and clearly.  It uses

  • short sentences
  • everyday language
  • talks directly to the reader 'you' and 'we' 
  • has a logical flow and structure.

All customer information should be written in this style.

Easy English

Easy English, also known as Easy Read, is aimed at people with very low literacy.


It uses simple text and images to aid  comprehension.


Information is presented using plenty of white space to avoid distraction or confusion.

General copywriting

If you are short on time, or just need help writing anything from web copy, marketing collateral, newsletters to your annual report, Clear Words can help.


We can edit existing materials, or create new and exciting content.